About: Myself

General Idea of how I might be ?

A guy without mercy for his laziness and feelings. Live mostly with computers and talk mostly to them. What you read make who you are. So basically if you wish to know more about me join the GoodReads.com and find me if you can.

What do I think of myself in a techincal way ?

I am a not-trained *system &web &service &backend architect. I went to an engineering school but I didn’t make anything out of it even a piece of certificate of proof. So everything I knew about these technical things are all taken down from internet and from a ridiculous amout of text mostly written on electronic internet. I think myself as a free thinker.

What do you think of blah blah programming languages ?

Fuck them. Why so care about languages even if you cannot think the pseudo steps out of your mind. Get it done and take the feeling. And watch out before you made another mistake wasting your time.

Links to more troubles

  1. (Github)[https://github.com/thanyawzinmin]
  2. (twitter)[https://twitter.com/talnet_]

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