Front End Framework That Doesn't Hurt

Yesterday was one of the nice weekends and a productive Sunday.I have this project running in my head before my Saturday night and decided to start working on making a decent landing page which is already designed by my comrade “Ye”. I have no sense in colors and pretty things in my eyes at all. I shape things from my inside and so I need deeper explaination in every cases that I have to work on. This sound weried right ? But no problem , I got a .sketch file and I got my Foundation.

I been using Foundation over the time with Druapl and ROR but didn’t feel like it making me faster then I could do for the front-end jobs.But I knew it. Most of the people out there would probably like to use their choice of frameworks and mine was Foundation since I started to use frameworks to fastern my projects.

The thing is “Foundation don’t give a jerk , it give you what you just needed for!”. Yep , no creamy but classy and yummy for those who might want to create something heartful products.

Install it happily. But you need nodejs and gruntcli pre-installed on your machine.

$ gem install foundation

Start a kick-start project

$ foundation new your_project --libsass

Then here you go.

$ cd your_project
$ grunt build

Here is what looks like inside of the project!

So what do we do !

Just start your html layout as you need and I used sass for this particular project by including —libsass. When you are done with layout and styling is so easy that you might want to do it with sass.

$ grunt

Running grunt mean watching your sass and updating your app.css which is located right under the folder ‘css’. It will automatically refreshing your app.css each time you save your sass.

You can see the commented lines just around the top of app.scss and you can import only what you need. Not everything at all. This goes the same with JavaScript but you can read better documentation here at official website.

This took me just for 2 straight-up hours to finish off all the staff from .sketch file.

Sweet Sunday
Have Fun

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