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Microsoft wins this week. Yeah , they made a really good leap and catch up the future just in these two months. For us [ Dev/Design ] , we need to stay forward along with them. Yes , it is IE [ Internet Explorer ] hence the users would probably turn back their face to Inori Aizawa on some devices like Surface Tablet and window based computers.

Ok , good new for Microsoft. But IE is still a little far away from me. Firstly I can’t install IE on my MAC and I need to use Virtual Box which mean the OS’s taste would be limited. But it worth a test.

So I decided to try IE11 and helped myself out from mysteries. Microsoft is giving out the VM boxes FOC for the purpose of educating. Lets’ grab the chance , get here and download the appropriate packages for your machine. For me this will be enough …

curl -O -L "http://www.modern.ie/vmdownload?platform=mac&virtPlatform=virtualbox&browserOS=IE11-Win8.1&parts=4&filename=VMBuild_20140402/VirtualBox/IE11_Win8.1/Mac/IE11.Win8.1.For.MacVirtualBox.part{1.sfx,2.rar,3.rar,4.rar}"

This will download the one .sfx file and three .rar file. Don’t worry , try this.

chmod g+w your.sfx


Well done , that will give you a .ova out so that you can double-click it and import it into your virtual box. Mine was smooth and here is happy ME.

Wooooo , the inspector is not bad.

Need to do a little insight into this feature , UI – Responsiveness. Cool thing rite ?

This is just a bootstrap information and how to start like section. So if you don’t mind , hack yourself in.

Have fun.

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