FirefoxOS Localization Sprint May 1st

We made a localization sprint at last Sunday with the helps of Ko Sein Lin ,a mozilla employee, who came back to Myanmar for a visit. We have been working on localizing the FFOS since July and the project is now at 80% completion. The project can be found here

At sprint , we tried to flash the gaia with Burmese Language on Flame, make some translations and disscuss how to deal with strange terms like bluetooth,Wi-Fi and etc. The sprint etherpad and log can be found here.

It is good to see the results of our work and collaboration on real device and we had a chance to fix some unexpected line breaking bugs. Here are some of the screenshots we took on Flame with Burmese Language.

If you are a Burmese who can read English, you could be a big help for us. Please contact us via our team page or Facebook Group so that we can reach out to you and guide you through starting up with the project.

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